Stories matter. And your organization is founded on a good one. Expertly crafted and employed, an organization's story can hugely benefit operations and the bottom line. It's an adventure and a struggle, a risk and a lot of hard work. You've imagined something, grown passionate about it, separated yourself from comforts of the herd, and now you're making it a reality.

Freytag Frank offers a variety of services, workshops, and seminars that develop and improve organizational storytelling and communications. 

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Freytag Frank's Story

In search of a land where creativity and innovation are synonymous, Freytag Frank is a joint effort between a fugitive and a dead guy.

Joe Frank

Joe Frank

The fugitive escaped a PhD program by the skin of his teeth, having made off with a graduate degree in Creative Writing, awards for public speaking and storytelling, and experience working with political hopefuls, international authors, and a global tech giant. (There he is to the left.)

About 150 years ago, the dead guy looked at stories and saw a common structure you likely learned in high school. 

Great organizations succeed, in part, because their stories are memorable, well told, and shared often. A succinct, provocative story is a powerful thing. It can attract new audiences, transform customers into champions, reinforce purpose among colleagues, win partners and investors, and draw people together around a shared cause. 

Freytag Frank offers a variety of services and workshops that help new and established organizations capture their story and use it to their benefit. 

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