Story is Everything


Joe Frank

Founder and Chief Creative

Joe pursued graduate research in short storytelling at top-tier universities before joining a Fortune 500 to lead engagement among the next generation of talent.

He has worked with innovation hubs and meteoric startups in Silicon Valley, Toronto, and Waterloo Region.

A published author, award-winning educator, and storytelling specialist, Joe understands the importance effective storytelling serves to early-stage startups and multinational legacy organizations in winning funding, attracting new customers, and growing in-house loyalty.

Business leaders deal with a lot. Chief among their concerns is the need to simplify complex ideas, the demand to be communicate a memorable and meaningful message, and the confidence that their business is winning a spot in the forefront of the minds of customers.

Freytag Frank understands how an expertly-conveyed message can set in motion a momentum that drives a business toward success, longevity, and making valuable contributions in their space.

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